Outsourcing Development Strategies

"We are focused on maintaining a high standard of Web solutions, always keeping up with innovative technologies and marketing strategies tailored to market evolution."

Viorica, the founder of Inosoft, has identified a growing niche in IT. Last summer, she realized she could exploit her managerial and professional experience for over 7 years at the helm of Inosoft's , innovating through fresh perspective and pathos.

Her vision for Inosoft is to provide complete services and integrated solutions in the IT sphere, dedicated to both the Romanian market and the international market. The development department is focused on improving the professional skills of the team and on rigorous quality control.

Inosoft's mission is to be committed to partners and customers on a long-term basis, the main purpose being to offer impeccable service in terms of quality and relationship with partner companies.

INOSOFT is not a single product with a self-standing cookie-cutter service. Inosoft is a multitude:

  • Concept: For any of your problems, we offer a number of suggestions.
  • Design: We know the impact of a good site's graphics. Improving the image of your site is our goal.
  • Testing: Prior to any product / service presentation, we insist on rigorous testing.
  • Development: We help customers with marketing consulting and SEO promotion.

Software Solutions

Inosoft is a young, enthusiastic and creative company looking to fit your brand in the online sphere.

Whether you want a responsive design or a mobile application to enhance your brand presence on the World Wide Web, we provide you with solid experience in deploying complex projects for global customers.

We develop web, desktop and mobile apps, impact sites that focus on user experience, personalized online portals, and ecommerce solutions.

In short, we focus on "de-anonimation," providing software solutions for an online experience that will guarantee your success in the future.


Writing, modifying, testing and assisting software products (editing programs)


Designing structure and content and / or writing the computer code required to create and deploy software and database applications and systems.


Adaptation of the software to the specific customer requirements, involving the modification and configuration of an existing application.

Customer satisfaction

Writing programs writing programs following user instructions (editing client-oriented programs)


We are committed to meeting our customers' expectations and providing a high standard of IT / WEB Services